Our Services

Each division of PC Automated Controls, Inc. delivers solutions tailored to the needs of our clients whether it be Building Automation, Preventative Maintenance, or Lighting Retrofits. Whatever the need, you can trust that we will use our best in practice experience to deliver the most comprehensive solution

30 min can identify significant opportunities for your building and your budget


Our Partners

One of our strengths is the partnerships that we have achieved over the years. Especially with Automated Logic and Lic Service

Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) is a global leader in building automation systems. We design and develop intuitive, intelligent, complete controls and interfaces to help drive smart decisions that optimize building performance.

Linc Service Contractors are focused on optimizing buildings by providing cost effective energy-efficient solutions as well as mechanical service to educational institutions, municipalities, commercial office buildings, hospitals, data centers, and industrial facilities.

Featured Wins

Our dedication to detail, solid experience, and commitment to client satisfaction makes us the perfect choice for a wide variety of commercial projects to help you reduce your owning and operating costs. We are a partner you can trust.

Government Contracting

From its founding, PC Automated Controls, Inc. has furnished Utility Monitoring and Control Systems (UMCS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), and Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems for:
Federal Agencies
Utility Providers

State and Municipal Entities
County Health Districts

School Districts

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