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Each division of PC Automated Controls, Inc. delivers solutions tailored to the needs of our clients whether it be Building Automation, Preventative Maintenance, or Lighting Retrofits. Whatever the need, you can trust that we will use our best in practice experience to deliver the most comprehensive solution


Did you know proper HVAC maintenance can save you 10%-30% on your facility owning and operating costs?

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Energy Management

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Summer is almost over and Fall is fast approaching. So not only are you confronting one of the hottest months of the year, but it is also time to start preparing your HVAC system for the shifting temperatures and cold winter to come. Below are just a few common facility energy wasters to consider, as well as helpful hints on how to avoid them.

1. Heating and cooling simultaneously - Heating and cooling can occur in the same space - from office workers using space heaters to combat cool conditions to competing HVAC systems with mismatched settings. Building automation systems can monitor discrepancies and poll occupants to adjust for average, preferred temperatures. Periodic inspections of facility equipment can also help discover and correct these problems.

2. Automated system variancies - Building automation systems are great at regulating and reducing energy use. But overriding systems to accommodate for personal preferences, changing temperature set points to inefficient numbers, and even forgetting to adjust temperature settings for season changes can all lead to inefficient use and costly energy waste.

3. Inefficient HVAC use - Is equipment running while the building is unoccupied or being used to heat or cool unoccupied rooms? To achieve the most energy savings, shut down equipment during inactive hours and restart them with enough time to reach set temperatures when occupants arrive.

4. Not performing regular maintenance - Proactive and preventive maintenance is an important step to ensure facility equipment reaches its peak performance without wasting energy - as well as to prevent costly equipment failures and downtime.

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  • Robert Brant PC Automated Controls, Inc.- Account Executive
  • "PC Automated Controls Inc., has given me the chance to learn through online, on-the-job and classroom training.  This has expanded my knowledge in DDC, mechanical and electrical systems which led to advancement opportunities within the company.  This field is continuously evolving and every day brings the opportunity to learn when presented with new challenges.”

    Luis Castillo PC Automated Controls, Inc- Controls Service Manager


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